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Some of the Benefits of E2 Visa holder

  1. Ownership By Investor-: It allows foreigners to own majority shares in a  US Company. Unlike many countries, there are no requirements that state that a U.S. citizen or resident must own any interest in the investment.
  2. Duration :- E2 Visa can be renewed for 10, 20 30 years . In a nutshell it can be renewed indefinitely.
  3. Short Processing Time :- No waiting period compared to other work visas like H1B, E2 Visa renewals normally take 2 – 6months, For those investors making application abroad, the processing time may vary from two months to as little as two days.
  4. Permission To Work In U. S :- The E-2 visa allows the principal investor to be actively employed in the investment enterprise. He may be paid salary and/or draw dividends or receive benefits similar to those of United States workers. Dependent spouses and children are able to work after obtaining an (EAD).
  5. Ownership Of Real Estate :- E-2 visa holders are free to purchase homes or other real estate while in the United States. Upon termination of E-2 status the investors are not required to liquidate these holdings.

Free initial E2 Visa consultations available Call: 310 943 6352

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